Theatre Press Release

Magic of the Hermanus Forest Theatre:

Set in the backdrop of the Hemel & Aarde Valley the locals embrace the daring new concept of the captivating Forest Amphitheatre. Located amidst the vegetation and towering green trees on the Camphill road, the Amphitheatre was built for the sole purpose of mesmerizing guests with the undeniably beauty of our natural environment, while entertaining guests with live performances. Strolling in the shadows, with the buzz of the insects in the undergrowth and the birds calling in the canopies above the enormous capacity of the Amphitheatre overwhelms you.

As sunlight escapes the branches, streams of light dances on guests all eagerly filling into the theatre. It is easy to envisage 300guests sitting comfortably on professionally built slopes, amongst the trees and natural sounds of the forest all waiting eagerly - anticipating the arrival of the performers.

The theatre can accommodate live performances from artists of a wide Spectrum . With a well-equipped sound system and lights illuminating the branches casting shadows on the world below, the theatre is cast in an eerie glow mesmerizing visitors with this rare offering. Dazzling fairy lights spun spontaneously around the tree trunks contribute to the exquisite forest surrounding in the evenings leaving you breathless, as the night sky glows down on the theatre the blackness of the forest is illuminated creating an enchanting world. The light reflecting from the branches onto the stage radiates the performers in a magical glow as the night sounds of the animals and insects envelop visitors, the music drifts into the air swallowed by the thickets. The main focus of the theatre, the stage, unlike any other leads from a dilapidated old dwelling.

The walls of a dwelling weathered down with the passing years by the elements, provide a remarkable entrance for the performers. A sense of timelessness emit from the dwelling ensnaring the entire Amphitheatre captivating the audience attention building expectancy. A visit to the Hermanus Forest Theatre will create memories leaving an impression on any visitor introduced a space where nature and man collide. For more information and upcoming events and our summer program visit: in the near future.